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Examination of visa demands resumed in consulates. Since the beginning of the health crisis, residence permits of students have been secured. To answer many questions to this regard, Campus France created an FAQ on visas and residence permits.

Review of visa demands resumed in consulates

Since the gradual reopening of border on July 1st, review of visa demands resumed in Consulates of France. Demands from foreign students are reviewed in priority.

Activity resuming in consulates may vary depending on countries. We advise to check the official websites for visas in France and the websites of the consulate of France and Campus France to find information on processing conditions for visa demands regarding your country of residence.

Reminder on residence permit extension

Since the start of the health crisis, France took many steps to secure the stay of foreign students:

Residence permits validity that expired between March 16 and June 15, 2020 have been extended by 6 months

Social benefits have been extended in the same conditions

Right to work up to 80% of annual work duration has been extended

New FAQ on visas and residence permits for the academic year 2020-2021

To answer your many questions about visas and residence permits, a new FAQ provides essential information, whether you are a foreign student already present in France, you came back to your country of origin or you are preparing your travel to France.

Check out the Academic Year 2020 FAQ: visas and residence permits for international students

The FAQ is updated in a regular basis depending on the progress of the health situation in France and worldwide.

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