ITSMI College

Message From the Director

We are an institution, aiming to endorse high quality education and value-based competitiveness, striving to meet international standards and moulding to prepare professionals able to assert themselves in the society in a profuse way and transparently.

In today’s globalized world, therefore, we need managers and technologists who are not just robotic in executing things but with right vision to transform the world a better place to live. This is one major ground where we have blended both management education and technology training as most businesses today demand a multifaceted approach.

Shaping such managers and technologists is a mission. To this end, the Institut Technique Supérieur du Management International (ITSMI) boasts a tenured academic expertise of experienced professionals coming from the best universities in France and around the globe. Apart from this, our learner-centred approach combines diversity and integration as well as multi culturalism.

Students are placed at the heart of all our approaches and we strive to nurture and encourage our students as individuals and take into full account of their unique interests and needs. Additionally, domestic and international cooperation brings ITSMI graduates a number of opportunities for further development of research, training and extramural activities.

ITSMI’s unique programmes offer a full range of managerial and technical training relevant to the needs of the industry as well as programs to prepare entry into the “grandes écoles” and language training. As a result, our team is committed to preparing management experts and technological masters for an ethical and sustainable business culture in the societies they deliver their services.

Located in the heart of the French capital, our students have the added benefit of exploring the rich cultural, intellectual, and social life the country offers to the world.

To attend ITSMI means becoming a part of a dynamic and innovative academic network.

Best greetings from Paris Ardavan Tehrani