BBA – Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management


To introduce the students to the world of tourism and hospitality. The 3-year programme inducts the students to the modern and technological ways of engaging and promoting the tourism culture. We offer state- of- the art education in hospitality management with hands-on experience for the benefit of the students. Overall development of the student by focusing on analyzing, devising and decision-making skills is the cornerstones of the programme. Advertising, International Law, workshops and internships are finely woven to the curriculum to ensure the students get an experience they can never forget.

Year 1

Year 1

  • Fundamental Marketing
  • Introduction to Law
  • Quantitative Study
  • Introduction to Economics
  • Business English
  • French Debutant
  • Accounting Standards
  • CV workshop & interview ethics
  • Internship (optional) 1-2 Months
  • Market Research
  • Global Trade
  • Principle of accounting
  • Business English
  • French Debutant
  • History of tourism
  • Cultural Activity
Year 2

Year 2

  • Operational Marketing
  • Fundamentals of Law
  • Operational Negotiation
  • Marketing Research and Market Economics ( Advanced)
  • Customer Relationship Management ( Advanced)
  • Principles of Finance
  • Communication
  • English/French
Year 3

Year 3

  • Facilities Management
  • Treasury Management and international risk management
  • International Advertising
  • Accounting Standards
  • Business English
  • French Intermediate
  • Critical Thinking
  • Research Methodology
  • International Business Management
  • Communication & public speaking
  • General Culture
  • Pre- thesis (Research Methodology Seminars)


Completion of 12th level or after the preparatory programme. Candidates selected following individual case study and interview. International students should be eligible for visa and passport.

Career Opportunities

With this diploma, our graduates can strive to become key players of the tourism & hospitality industry, with challenging positions such as Product Manager, Hotel Manager or Tourism Business Development Manager, Event Manager, Guest Relations Manager, Tour Group Operator, Tourism Marketing Manager, Tourist Information Centre Manager, Travel Agency Manager etc. A promising career of your choice awaits you.

Career Opportunities
Tuition: 6000 €/YEAR Apply Now

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