DBA Blended Programme


Managed and driven by renowned professors in the business management field both locally and internationally, our programme leverages empirical techniques to help professionals build and develop a research strategy throughout the 2/3-year time. Group studies, workshops and course studies enable the researcher to discover new ideas to improve the management industry.



  • Group Study + Research Proposal Presentation (Log 1)
  • Group Study + Research Proposal Validation (Log 2)
  • Marketing, Communications & Public Speaking
  • Corporate Communications
  • Online Workshop
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Studies, Interviews and Sampling


  • Group Study +Workflow Presentation ( Log 3)
  • Group Study + Workflow Presentation (Log 4)
  • Team Management
  • Strategic Agility, Company Structure
  • Corporate Communications ( Advanced)
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Personality and Psychology in Business
  • Online Workshops


  • Group Study –Thesis follow –up (Log 5)
  • Organizational Management
  • Stress Management
  • Intercultural Management
  • Online Workshops
  • Thesis Presentation (Verbal & Written)


Students having diverse profile types from different fields are encouraged to apply. Candidates must have prior working experience and must be fluent in French or English. Let your knowledge and creativity guide you on.


There are two intakes in a year for the DBA programme namely in February and September. The selection of candidates will be based on personal interview. International students must have passport and be eligible for visa.

Career Opportunities
Tuition: 8500 €/YEAR Apply Now

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